Fog at the Taj

2 years ago I studied architecture over the Spring semester in Jaipur, India. I was looking over my thousands of pictures from the trip today and came across this impromptu photo series that I took at 7 am at the Taj Mahal. We had spent the previous day traveling by bus through the Indian countryside and had stayed the night in Agra in order to be at the gates when the monument opened at 6 am. We were told that the fog would lift. When we got through the first courtyard and on to one of the most photographed-from plinths in the world, this is what we saw:

We walked in the direction that we were promised the Taj Mahal was in and we arrived at our destination.

After exploring as best we could, and using our trained architectural minds to put it all together, I started to notice other things. Mostly, the way that my fellow sightseers were making sense of it, up close. I turned my attention away from the wonder of the world that I had traveled across the world to see, and toward everyone else. This is what I saw:

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